The news you've all been waiting for!

EDTracker Pro Wireless & Dongle

You've all been incredibly patient and we know the wireless version has drummed up a lot of interest. The good news is it will be ready for sale within the next two weeks. The price will be £60 plus tax. Initially, we will only be selling to Europe until the necessary FCC/ISED approvals come through - so apologies to those of you in the USA, you will have to wait a little longer until we can ship there... probably around one month.

We will soon run out of wired stock and there will be a delay on the next batch simply because we've put all our focus into getting the wireless ready.

EDTracker Pro Wireless will include a special USB dongle for pairing with the device. Battery life is at least 10 hours on a full charge using an internal Lipo battery. Functionality is identical to the existing wired EDTracker (but no wires, obviously!) and there are lots of technical improvements under the covers like more flash memory, faster processor and improved magnetometer.

It's been a long, complex and interesting journey for us getting the product to market. We pass on our thanks to all our fans for their patience and support. The feedback we've had to date on wireless testing has been great so we're sure you'll all find it worth the wait.