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18/04/2017 - Stock update & wireless

Stock & wireless update

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07/12/2016 - 2016 look-back and wireless update

It's been a busy year, it's about time we updated you all on progress with wireless!

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25/11/2016 - Pro gets some artwork

We've treated the Pro to some case printing!

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11/08/2016 - Stock update

Next batch due 1st September...

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10/07/2016 - New UI version & stock update

New UI release and new batch now in stock!

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Driver-less design with some simple software to do initial setup and calibration.


Just a straight-forward, sturdy plastic box to attach to your headset. No spindly arms to snap off.


We don't hide additional requirements - you don't need cameras or any other hardware, so what you buy is everything you need to get going


Our MEMS approach gives incredibly fast, responsive monitoring of head movement over traditional point-tracking methods


EDTracker gets you the basics of 3 degrees-of-freedom head tracking as a virtual joystick.

No Cameras

EDTracker doesn't care about lighting, reflections, backlit rooms, infra red or whether you wear glasses or not!