A quick update on current stock, and news on the wireless version of EDTracker Pro...


The christmas period in 2015 was a busy time for us and we saw quite a substantial boost in sales, which continued into the new year, and depleted our stocks of EDTracker Pro's quicker than we had anticipated. Our next batch are due from the factory week commencing 29th February and we should then be in a position to start sending them out again. Thank you to everyone who evangelises EDTracker for us on forums and social media.


The success of EDTracker has allowed us to invest in developing a wireless version, and we are now in the final throws of development and testing. The next phase will be to gain official CE/FCC accreditation so that we can legally sell it across the globe, but this process is both lengthy and expensive. We are confident that, once complete, the wireless version will go down a treat with you all so we'd like to think it's worth waiting for! It's no bigger than the current EDTracker and just slightly heavier thanks to the battery. Here's a little teaser for you of some early prototypes...