Stock & wireless update

We are currently waiting on a delivery of plastic enclosures so are temporarily out of stock of wired-only EDTracker Pro's - we anticipate to have more stock around the 2nd week of May.

EDTracker Pro Wireless is nearing completion. The test house has completed the testing with no issues and we are now just waiting on the formal reports and certification. Once we know we are good to go, we will get the first batch ordered from the factory - we are hoping we will be in a position to start selling the wireless version late May/early June. As always, we are dependent on suppliers and 3rd parties so we can't 100% guarantee this, but that is the honest and most accurate timeline we can give you at this point in time. Thank you all for your patience, we know you're all chomping at the bit to buy it... and we are just as keen to get it out of the door!