New UI release and new batch now in stock!

Apologies for the delay, but we finally have stock of more EDTracker Pro's. A software update was necessary for them, since we have revised the board design. The new version of the UI includes some bug fixes and generaly tidying-up, and some useful support features such as a debug output option in DEV mode. It also now installs as a proper windows installer, rather than a simple ZIP file. It also paves the way for some wireless aspects in the future.

Some people will be curious about the board revisions and want to know what's different. The short answer is, from a functional perspective, nothing - the Pro device has the same features as before. The board revision was necessary due to a component being discontinued, but we've also merged in the changes for the upcoming wireless device, so the PCB design is now common between the two. Instead of using the previous HMC5883 magnetometer, we've now moved to the Invensense MPU9250 IC instead. This was an obvious forward path, since it's common place with the DIY version of EDTracker too.

Existing customers need not worry - the new version does nothing more (or less) than the old. The changes are completely transparent to the end user and all revisions continue to be supported.