A new software update for EDTracker Pro users

There is now a new firmware (v2.0) available for EDTracker Pro users. To update your device you will need to download the latest software, run it then connect your device and follow the instructions below.

This release features many improvements, including :

  • Inverted device - your EDTracker should now be mounted with the screws facing DOWN
  • Improved accelerometer/gyro calibration
  • Calibration wizard for first-time use
  • Profile support
  • Additional debug/support features
  • Joystick hotkey support

To flash your device...

  1. Download the new software (v2.0.0.0+) from the above link
  2. Run the EDTrackerPro.exe GUI
  3. Connect your device (ensure "EDTracker Connected" is displayed in the top of the GUI)
  4. Click the About menu
  5. Choose Mode --> DEV (accept the warning)
  6. On the right-hand panel, select "EDTracker Pro 2.0.0" from the drop-down box
  7. Click the "Flash" button
  8. When the flash has completed, you may return the GUI to normal user mode (About-->Mode-->User)

If you have upgraded from the v1.0 firmware you will be reminded to invert your device and re-calibrate it.